A talented photojournalist enables the viewer to vicariously experience the essence of the wedding day using his images as a vehicle.

If successful, sensations of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch will be provoked. These human faculties collectively will allow the viewer to experience or relive the moment.

The photojournalist has the uncommon ability to look into someone's soul, and capture the fundamental nature of the person on film.

Conceptually, the photojournalist explores and mirrors his subjects in a fashion one is unable to capture with simple candid pictures.

Innate talent, formal education, professional credentials, and life experience constitute the photographer's ability.

Journey beneath the superficiality of polished web sites, opulent photography studios, and slick sales presentations.

Bells and whistles are not a requirement of the photojournalist, or conducive to achieving the bottom line, meaningful photographs.

- Greg Kelly -   

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Greg Kelly
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